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Hong Fook Youth Ambassadors - Project 1
(Sep - Dec 2022)

The Instagram and WeChat social media campaign project was developed by the Hong Fook Youth Ambassador Team with the aim of educating and empowering Asian youth.


Meeting on a weekly basis to discuss and brainstorm, the YAs planned and coordinated the social media campaign, developed the content, and designed the graphics for each post.


The campaign included a total of 17 posts on a large variety of topics related to mental health and anti-Asian racism, experiences shared by Asian youth, Asian representation in the media, the diversity within the Asian community, as well as ways of finding support and solidarity.


As part of the campaign development process, the YA team met with the U of T research team to learn about the study findings from focus groups with Asian youth. The outcomes of that research were incorporated into the Instagram and WeChat campaign as part of knowledge mobilization efforts.

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