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The cover page for the Hong Fook Youth Ambassadors Project 2 - Booklet, titled "Asian You(th)". It is colourful with abstract blobs and decorative elements.


Hong Fook Youth Ambassadors - Project 2
(Jan - May 2023)

To build on the momentum of their first project, the Hong Fook Youth Ambassador Team are developing a booklet titled "Asian You(th): Racism, Mental Health & Identity" to continue their advocacy and awareness-raising efforts.


The intent behind the project is to generate an accessible educational resource created by youth for youth. The booklet is targeted at an audience of Asian youth aged 12-25 and aims to provide a deeper dive into the topics introduced during the social media campaign.


The YA team plans to make the booklet available in hard and digital copy to encourage its wide dissemination by youth as well as educators and service providers working with young people in the Asian community. After its completion, the booklet may also be used to support workshops to be held at schools, partner agencies, and community agencies.

Read the entire digital booklet or view select pages in the gallery below!

** Please contact us to inquire about permissions related to sharing or printing copies of the booklet.

Suggested citation: Hong Fook Youth Ambassadors. (2023). Asian You(th): Racism, Mental Health & Identity. Hong Fook Mental Health Association & University of Toronto, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work.

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