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St. Robert Youth Ambassadors - Project 1
(Sep - Nov 2022)

Throughout the fall, the St. Robert Youth Ambassador Team met regularly with school staff and MSMV team members to plan a workshop for student club leaders around the topics of mental health, wellness, and anti-Asian racism.

The workshop was delivered on November 21, 2023 to student executives and council leaders at St. Robert Catholic School. As part of the presentation, the YA team provided an overview of help-seeking behaviours as well as barriers to seeking help, including the pressure of expectations such as the model minority myth, stigma, difficulty recognizing symptoms, and feelings of hopelessness.

In the workshop, the YA team and student leaders discussed how to support fellow students in the moment and connect them to safe and appropriate resources. During the question period, students shared that stigmatization of mental health was one of the biggest barriers to seeking support, especially among Asian youth, and was amplified by feelings of shame, fear of losing social status, and being negatively perceived by peers.

The session concluded with a conversation on what student leaders can do to raise awareness, share information, and help build a supportive environment.

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