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Stock illustration graphic of youth standing side by side and waving.


Collaborated from 2020 - 2021

The Youth Advisory Committee is a leadership group formed by East Asian high school students as part of a program of Hong Fook Mental Health Association's Youth & Family Services. 

YAC members meet weekly to collaborate as a group to:

  • Plan and execute special projects in the community and schools

  • Brainstorm new avenues for projects to develop

  • Create leadership roles for members

  • Lead large-scale events at Hong Fook promoting youth work

The YAC was actively involved in the first phase of the project, assisting in the development and delivery of the photo stories outreach initiative and advising on the youth focus group research design. As the project shifted to engage youth more directly on the issue of anti-Asian racism through the Youth Ambassador Program, one of the YAC members joined the research team to continue their involvement in the research process.

YAC members: Agnes, Brenda, Clover, Hilary, Pearly, Selina, and Zichen

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