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Aug 2022 -
May 2023

The Youth Ambassador Program provides a vehicle for youth to become agents and advocates of change.


Bringing together 10 Asian youth aged 16-24 across two teams, the program provides the space for youth to engage in critical dialogue about anti-Asian racism (AAR), develop skills to facilitate knowledge mobilization, and raise public awareness about AAR.

At the start of the program, Youth Ambassadors completed a two-day training session led by the project partners around the topics of race, racialization, and AAR; coping and self care; social activism and public engagement; digital media; and campaign development and project management skills.


Building on the research findings around youth experiences with AAR and guided by their own ideas and perspectives, the YAs developed and led community action projects intended to educate the public about AAR and its impact on mental health, share helpful resources, and build community and empower youth.


Hong Fook Youth Ambassadors 2023 team group photo, with the 5 youth standing in a group in an office setting.

The Hong Fook Youth Ambassadors team brings together 5 youth with a shared dedication to spreading awareness about anti-Asian racism and its effect on mental health.


Melanie Chung is a senior high school student with a passion for animals and an interest in veterinary medicine. She plans to pursue her studies in health sciences at Queens University.


In her free time, Melanie expresses her creativity through ceramic arts and is an avid volunteer at animal shelters, where she enjoys caring for animals in need.

As a Youth Ambassador, she hopes to use her platform to amplify the voices of those who are marginalized and bring positive change. Melanie is excited about the opportunities that await her in her journey, and looks forward to making a difference through her advocacy work.

Hong Fook Youth Ambassadors Project 1 - Social Media Post #1 graphic. On a foliage background, text reads "Asian Mental Health shouldn't be overlooked". There are decorative colourful abstract lines and relevant line art surrounding it.
The cover page for the Hong Fook Youth Ambassadors Project 2 - Booklet, titled "Asian You(th)". It is colourful with abstract blobs and decorative elements.


Sep - Dec 2022

Focusing on education and empowerment, the Youth Ambassadors designed and conducted a social media campaign, covering a huge variety of topics related to being Asian, and handling mental health and AAR.


Jan - May 2023

The HF YA team developed an informational booklet aimed at mobilizing knowledge about AAR and supporting other Asian youth in embracing and exploring their Asian identities.


The St. Robert Catholic High School Youth Ambassador team is led by 5 youth with an interest in shedding light on the issue of anti-Asian racism and mobilizing change to dismantle AAR.


Hi there! I'm Ethan Zhao, a curious STEM student in grade 12 at St. Robs. AAR is a often misinterpreted topic that I look forward to sharing more about. My hobbies include coding, gaming, and playing music. :D

Photo of Ethan, masked and doing a peace sign, from the St. Robert 2023 Youth Ambassadors team.
Photo of the St. Robert Youth Ambassadors presenting at a workshop, in their school gym, in front of a slideshow.
St. Robert Youth Ambassadors Project #2 - Social Media Post #1 graphic. On a purple gradient with line art of hands, text reads "Meet the team! St. Robert Catholic High School Youth Ambassadors".


Sep - Nov 2022

The Youth Ambassadors facilitated a workshop for student executives and council leaders in their academic community centering on mental health and barriers to seeking help, including expectations around the model minority myth.


Jan 2023 - Ongoing

As part of their second project, the youth organized a creative contest inviting young people to share written and artwork on the topic of AAR and Asian identity. The team is currently rolling out a social media campaign to create awareness of AAR and its impact.

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