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Hong Fook Youth and Family Services: Digital Storytelling Initiative cover image, with same text in rich green , on a white background with rich green abstract blobs and lines.


Oct - Dec 2022

The Digital Storytelling Initiative allows young people to become creative storytellers in exploring their Asian identity and documenting their experiences and impact of anti-Asian racism (AAR).


Over 5 weekly sessions of 2-hour workshops, 5 participants aged 16-24 years developed their ideas, drafted scripts, and assembled their digital stories using original art and archival images, personal photographs, video clips, narrated voice-overs, and music.


Working individually and collectively, DSI participants produced a range of short films, including animation and memoir documentary, that spur self-reflection and critical examination of AAR at personal and societal levels.


Combining creative practice and lived experience, these youth-directed films provide an important channel for amplifying youth voices as well as engaging and educating audiences.

To the Unknown Future (Janet L.)

Asian Identity (Janet L.)

Priscilla (Julia L. & Loretta L.)

"Zichen's Story" (Zichen Xu)

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