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A collection of our team’s anti-Asian racism outputs in one place.

On a white background with different green blob and line accents in bottom left and top right corners, text in the top left reads "Hong Fook Youth and Family Services: Digital Storytelling Initiative".

Digital Storytelling Initiative Videos

The colourful cover page of the "Asian You(th): Racism, Mental Health & Identity" booklet written and created by the Hong Fook Youth Ambassadors (Julia, Xinlin, Archie, Melanie, Winsome). The Hong Fook Mental Health Association logo is in the bottom left.

Oct - Dec 2022

HF Youth Ambassadors "Asian Youth"Booklet

Jan - May 2023

Combined title pages of the Asian youth and Asian parents infographics. Logos of the collaborators are in orange on the first line and white in the third line. The black text on the second line reads "What do Asian Youth think about AAR?" on a white background. The black text on the fourth line reads "What do Asian Parents think about AAR?" on a teal background.

Youth & Parents
Focus Groups

The ACV Event Summary cover page cropped: On a red and orange geometrically patterned background, white text reads "Amplifying Community Voices: A forum on anti-Asian racism from the youth & parent perspectives. May 16, 2023".

2021 - 2022

Amplifying Community Voices Event Summary

May 2023

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