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From Advisory to Direct Engagement

The My Script My Voice project adopts a unique and comprehensive approach to youth-driven knowledge mobilization, and strives provide a space for Asian youth to have, and facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaborative action around anti-Asian racism.

2 Asians point at and work on a laptop together.
5 Asian youth grin and raise arms in celebration while they are gathered around a table in a work setting.


Summer 2022 - Now

We engaged and trained 10 Asian Youth, from school and community backgrounds, as Youth Ambassadors in initiating conversations on anti-Asian racism, Asian identities and mental health in their respective communities. Youth take on leadership roles, from design to implementation, on group-based projects, including facilitating school workshops, social media campaign, and the publication of an educational booklet.


Summer 2021 - 2022

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) took on an advisory role in Youth research conducted by the UofT Research Team, contributing their understanding and perspectives on anti-Asian racism and Asian identity on the photo stories and focus group research projects, and their creative skills in project promotional materials.

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