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St. Robert Youth Ambassadors - Project 2
(Jan 2023 - Ongoing)

For their second project, the St. Robert Youth Ambassador Team held an art and writing contest at their school on the theme of Asian identity and experiences of anti-Asian racism, with the top three winners receiving prizes.

Following the creative submissions contest, the YA team is developing a social media campaign to feature the winning artwork and poetry as well as a range of informational posts about Asian identity and AAR. The social media campaign posts aim to share educational content about Western perceptions of Asian communities compared to the diversity and nuance of Asian culture and history.

Topics include the perpetual foreigner stereotype, the perception of Asian cuisine in the West, the fetishization of Asian women, as well as the rich variety of Asian folktales and legends, art and cultural practices.

SR YA - Social Media Contest: Project
SR YA - Social Media Contest: Pro Gallery
SR YA - Social Media Contest: Text
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